Our Story, Our Mission

We are a family run business that wasn’t born because of a growing market place nor was it born solely to make a profit. We started Comfort CBD because of our own personal experience with using CBD. Last year my wife found out she has fibromyalgia. It’s a neurological illness that causes her spasms,┬áconstant aching joints and muscles, headaches and fatigue. It got to the point where she was off work for months. She’s a mother in her 30’s and all this was grinding her life to a halt . This is how we first came to find CBD and have been passionately involved in it since.

We spent months sourcing and testing various methods of CBD until we found what we believe to be among the very best quality products on the market. After all, this wasn’t building products for profit margin. For us this was about the best quality, 1st and foremost because it was for our family! Now that my son, niece and my wife’s gran are all regular users, that’s the standard you can always expect from us. If it’s not good enough for our family, it’s not good enough for you.

After months of sourcing, testing and learning we partnered with a family business just like ourselves. They own 97 acres and grow their own plants. They take care of the product seed to bottle with no middlemen and produce the oil in the UK.

Together we produce a 10ml 500 mg and 10ml 1000mg oil which is made with Full Spectrum CBD that makes use of every cannabinoid found in cannabis plant.

We also hand make a high dose ointment with 500mg of 99.7 percent pure CBD isolate.

Both products are:

GMO Free


Veg and vegan friendly

CBD extraction using safe and clean critical CO2

Lab Tested

Please go to about CBD page to learn more.

We don’t only pride ourselves in the quality we provide but we believe that CBD is something that should be available to everyone and we will continue to support the legalisation to make cannabis legal for medical use.

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